Announcing Scholaric Fantasy Baseball League

I'm starting a Fantasy Baseball League for homeschool students this year.  If you have a baseball lover in your homeschool, consider joining my league.

Why Play Fantasy Baseball?  What Does this Have To Do With Homeschool?

First of all, baseball is a wonderful sport, full of history.  To love baseball is to love American history.  Just watch some of Ken Burns' Baseball miniseries.  It can be a great teaching idea.  Playing fantasy baseball also makes you more aware of the game's great current players, beyond your local team.

Second, baseball's focus on statistics is wonderful for a math lover.  There are many sorts of averages that are calculated, which describe a player's performance.  My children, who have played along side me for several seasons, ask what a certain statistic means, and we must describe it in mathematical terms.  This is applied mathematics in the real world.

Third, fantasy baseball is, mathematically speaking, a wonderful optimization problem, full of constraints, such as a limited roster, a maximum number of starts, limited bench.  Substituting one player for another could make me better at one statistic, but would make me worse at another.  Every move must be evaluated this way.  The draft is even more full of decisions - best player or best at a position? Pitching or hitting?  Power or average?

If you are interested, we will be playing through a private league ESPN fantasy.  Your student must be 13 to enter.  However, if you have a fan under 13, then YOU can enter and play with your child, but please make this a learning experience over a competition.

The draft will be at a time convenient for me, but hopefully early enough that sleep is not lost for Eastern Time Zoners.  If you are unable to participate in the live draft, ESPN will autopick for you.  (My draft is usually so bad, I'd be better off autopicking!)

Space is extremely limited, so fill out this form today and I'll notify you once the league is set up. 
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Hi, We are not Scholaric users, but my homeschool son loves baseball (he's 12 and I will sign up for him) and this link was forwarded to us from a friend. Can he participate in this and if so will you let me know how? Thanks!
Hi Anne. Thanks for your interest. Please email me so I have your email address (my address is now in the last paragraph of the post). I'll let you know the week of March 18th, when Scholaric users lose their first rights.



Ok, got it (and removed comment)