Incomplete Lessons Report

To view a student's incomplete lessons of your current period, click on the incomplete lessons link:

This will take you to the Incomplete Lessons Page:

In addition to listing the incomplete lessons, this page has some editing and navigation capabilities.  First, you can click on the complete checkbox to complete a lesson:

You can also click to enter or change the time

and the score of a lesson.

Finally, you can click the date to navigate to the planning page for that date.

Note: the incomplete lessons report shows only the lessons for the current period.  If you would like to see incomplete lessons for an earlier period, you can change your period temporarily, run the report, and switch it back when you are done.

Transcripts Table Of Contents

Transcripts summarize a student's academic career by showing courses completed and grades earned, mapping them into a standard scale of credits and grade points.

Transcripts support is divided into a number of blog posts:

Adding credits to a period

To add a credit that is not reflected in your lessons, start by clicking the Select Credits button.  

This displays the Select Credits Dialog.  

In the Select Credits Dialog, click the Add Credit button.  This displays the Add Credit form.

Fill out the form...

 and click the Save button.  The credit is now added.

Changing included Credits in a Transcript

After adding a period to a transcript, you may want to remove a credit entirely from your transcript, or replace a course credit with a subject credit.

In either case, press the Select Credits button for the period.

This will display the Select Credits Dialog:

From here you can select which credits are included in the transcript.  For example you can:

  • Remove a credit by deselecting it
  • Force a course without enough hours to qualify as a credit, in the case that not all of the hours were captured in Scholaric
  • Chose a subject credit to replace a course credit, for the case when multiple courses are used

In this example, we have two courses, Great Books and Modern Fiction, which together add up to half a credit, but separately do not. 

I'll select the Reading subject, rather than it's course credits.

When finished press the Save button.  Now the half-credit appears

Note that in this case, no scores were provided, so no grade is calculated.  The user can then edit the credit grade to complete the credit.

Editing Transcript Credits

Using the usual click-and-type methods, you can edit a credit's:

  • name
  • grade
  • grade points
  • credits 

For example, click on the name to edit

... type in the new name...

... and press the enter key:

Now your name has been modified.  

If you modify the credit grade, the grade points and GPA will update automatically. If credits are edited, the GPA and total credits will be updated.  If you edit grade points, take care to ensure that they are in-line with the scale established for the course (see the scale at the bottom of the transcript).

Editing the grading scale

The grading scale can also be modified, so that, for example an advanced class can be worth more grade points.  To do so, edit the grading scale in the report card for that period.

Reimporting Transcript Periods

Since transcripts represent a snapshot of a student's performance at a given time, there will be cases where a transcript needs updating.

The usual case for updating is a transcript created for a period which is in-progress.  In this case, not all lessons are complete, nor are all grades final.

To update a transcript period, click on the Reimport Credits button.

This will recalculate grades according to your grading scales and credits according to the established credit rate for the transcript.  When finished, the following message will appear and confirm completion:

Note: in this case, the reimport had no effect, since there was no changes to the lessons.

Transcript Fundamentals

A transcript is a summary of a student's performance over an academic career.

A transcript is created by taking a snapshot of report cards on the date it is created, and converting grades into grade points, and hours into credits.

Grades are converted into grade points using their grading scale.

Hours are converted to credits using the rate established when the transcript is created.  This cannot be edited after creation.

Transcripts have Snapshots

Transcripts show a snapshot of a student at a given time - they are not updated unless the user clicks the Reimport Credits button on a period.

Transcript PDF Generation and Printout

Transcripts are typically sent to others. This can be done by printout or PDF generation.

PDF Generation

A PDF of the transcript's contents can be generated by clicking the Export PDF button.

This will create a PDF like the following:

NOTE: If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, you will see the PDF rendered within the browser.  To save it to your disk, use the file menu


Like other Scholaric pages, the main page can be printed using the browser's file menu, or print hot-key (usually command-P or control-P).  This format is slightly different from the PDF.