5 Quick Scholaric Tips

Here are 5 quick Scholaric tips every user should know:

1) Quickly mark your lesson as complete by clicking on it while holding down the alt key.

UPDATE: Lesson no longer requires time for quick complete.

2) Turn your repeating lessons into a sequence by adding a single numeric range within curly braces.  For example:

  Lesson {1-17}

will produce Lesson 1, then Lesson 2, then Lesson 3...

UPDATE: Now supports alphabetic ranges, as well as nested sequences.  See this post.

3) Make sure you set your default schedule for every course, using the course menu in the planning grid.

4) To change a lesson to a different week, click on the lesson date in the lesson dialog.

5) If you are in a daily routine of grading and updating assignments, grade your days lessons prior to printing out.  Scholaric will see that all the day's lessons are complete, and assume you want to print out tomorrow's lessons.
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<3 tip 1, that will sped things up!
Glad you like it, Tammy
Is there a way to change the grade weighing scale? I would like to make the test scores worth more than the daily lessons.
It is possible, with a few extra manual steps

First, set your grade type to point-weighted (using the menu next to the subject/course on the report card.

Second, enter your grades as fractions:


instead of:


(If you do enter as a raw percentage, it is implied as out of 100)

When you enter a test use a larger denominator.

Am I doing something wrong or does the quick delete not work with a Mac. I hold down the ALT key (which is also the option key on my macbook) and it does the same thing that it does when I don't hold the alt key down.
Anne, its not quick delete, it's quick complete.

You still use the ALT key on a Mac. And it must have time entered. Maybe that is overkill.

Delete is done by clicking on the x icon. There is no quick delete, since it is destructive.

Sorry I miss-typed. I did mean quick complete. I don't enter minutes for my assignments. Is that why all it does is pop up the box for me which is the same thing is does when I click on it without holding down the alt key?
Yes, better support for non-time trackers is needed, I think...
Could you correct the misspellings in the course options? Rod&Staff (something like it) Even science was not spelled correctly in one option. Also, when I type in a course title, it does not appear as I typed it. i.e. "Read Chapter 1" appears "read Chapter 1", Pre-Algebra appears Pre-algebra...This is not how book titles appear. Just a suggestion...
Is there a basic manual were I can learn how to use Scholaric? I'm new to using it and not sure what some of the features are, or how to properly use them. Thanks!
I'm not having any success with tip #2 on my mac. I have even tried copying the exact syntax from the example above but only get one lesson entry out of it. What am I doing wrong?

hi Ann
Make sure it is a repeating lesson (Repetition tab), or you will only get one lesson.
There you define what days to schedue the lesson as well.
Make sure you set the date bounds also...
Got it! thank you!!!
I don't see the repeating box so that I can copy assignments. Where is it?
I don't see the repeating box so that I can copy assignments. Where is it?
The Repetition tab of the lesson dialog.
It is only visible when you create a lesson.
I don't understand how to weight the tests heavier. What do you mean when you say use a larger denominator?
You can enter grades as an expression of number correct divided by number possible, like 18/20.  If you choose to enter it as 36/40, it would have twice the weight of 18/20 - if you are using point-weighted grading.
I have been working on group-weighted grading where you can define groups of lessons (like tests, labs, reports) and the weight for the group as a whole.

Is there a way to print out the entire week of lessons rather than one day at a time?
Yes, see first item on help
Is there a way to get lessons in a series to double up on a day? For example, we are trying to get thru a math book quickly this summer, for review, and are doing 3 lessons a day. I put it in as Lesson {40-160} and applied the date range from today thru to the end of August, but it only listed 1 lesson a day and didn't list them all, instead of dividing all the lessons in that time space, giving multiple lessons a day.
Yes, you can use lesson grouping. See http://blog.scholaric.com/splitting-and-groupin...
I want to add piano to the schedule M-F as a series but I can't seem to do it. How do I go about this? Thanks
Candiss, first, add the course, if needed. Then click in a Monday cell to start the series. Type in a name for the lesson, like "Piano". Click on the Schedule tab, and click "Create Series" then select days of the week, and how it should end (specific date or number of lessons).