My Definition of Success

Goals for 2011

1) An LLC operates Scholaric
2) Customers happily pay for the service
3) Redesign of
4) Potential customers engaged with product tour video and share with others
5) New marketing page with better descriptions, video link, testimonials
6) New users given hand's on training during trial period
7) Lessons easily planned for and shared between multiple students
8) A gradebook view of lessons
9) Improved tracking of core hours, home hours, hours by subject
10) Community is giving so much feedback, I have to work hard to read it all
11) Meet 100 homeschoolers by attending homeschool conferences as a vendor

Writing out your goals makes them more manageable.  Where are your goals for your home school, family, or home business for 2011?  Leave a comment to let me know.

Cognitius Time Zone Support

Prompted by a user from Milan, I've just released Time Zone support for Cognitius.

You can set your Time Zone (and any other account info) by clicking on your user name at the top of the page.

This is used to determine the current date - the system time must be converted to local time.  Cognitius uses the current date:

* First to highlight the current day, in the planning grid

* Second as part of the prediction algorithm for lesson printouts.  Cognitius tries to know whether you are printing out today's lessons or tomorrows.  It first tries today's lessons, and if all lessons are complete, it assumes you are printing out tomorrow's lessons.  This is intended to prevent you from having to enter a date every time you print your lessons.

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