Exporting Lessons

To export your student's lessons, select the dashboard link Export Lessons:

You will then be presented the export screen:

On the export screen, you will see an Export link for every period, for each student.  When you click one of the links, the corresponding lessons will be mailed to your on-file email address as a comma-separated value (CSV) file.  These CSV files can be imported into a spreadsheet program.

If you don't receive the email, you may want to check:

  • Your spam folder
  • Your tabs if you are using gmail with tabs
  • Your email address, by clicking on your username on the top-right corner of the screen

Happy Planning

Setting the Default Schedule of a Course

To set the default schedule of a course, use the course menu:

Select "set default schedule..." and the Course Schedule Dialog appears:

Which allows you to set the default schedule of your course.  This is used to auto populate the schedule of a repeating lesson, or to set the schedule of a non-repeating lesson.  This schedule is then later used to decide where to bump a lesson to.

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