Back from Midwest Parent Educators Conference

My son and I just attended the Midwest Parent Educators Conference in Kansas City, MO.  This was a GREAT conference and Scholaric got a great deal of attention.  I loved this conference for so many reasons, like:

  • meeting Amy of and Betty of in person, two great bloggers (and great people) who use and promote Scholaric
  • meeting Russ of CxFriends - a social network of Christian families
  • attending a Home School Technology panel and hearing the panelists great ideas on technology
In the vendor hall, there was a seemingly unending flow of families.  We gave dozens and dozens of demos of Scholaric with a great response.  Families were really impressed with Scholaric's easy creation and maintenance of lessons, and tracking of Missouri's Homeschool requirements.

In addition to the demos, we got about 30 additions to our mailing list, and gave away 250 filers.  No homeschool conference I have attended has even come close.

When we got home, late Saturday, we were greeted by 5 different Welcome Home signs, including one in Canadian (Welcome Home, Eh) and one in Canadian Pig Latin (Elcom-wei Omehei, eh-hey), and a platefull of chocolate chip cookies.

Nice weekend.