Block out Vacation and Holidays

You can block out your vacation days and holidays in Scholaric using the day's calendar menu:

This allows you to create a named vacation, holiday, or event - either on the student's calendar, or the family's calendar.  Vacations and holidays are considered "days off" for purposes of course generation, and lesson bumping.  They are skipped for consideration of these.  

Events do not block a day off, but simply allow you to label them, to serve as a reminder to you.

After creation, new label appears on that day, along with a menu that allows you to rename or delete the label.  You can then edit the label through the menu or by clicking on the label:

Note: if you have lessons on a date that you want to make a vacation or holiday, I recommend bumping the lessons away first, then creating the holiday for future creating/bumping.

Happy Planning!