Bump Earlier

Some times, the schedule must be shifted earlier in the period.  This can be done in two ways, either to move the entire remaining schedule earlier, or to open up a gap in the middle of your schedule.  The cell menu reflects these possibilities

Moving Entire Remaining Schedule

To move the entire incomplete schedule, we must bump from the end of the period.  Select the menu option bump schedule earlier from end of period. This is the equivalent of navigating to the last planned date for the selected course and student, and bumping earlier.  

Opening a gap by Shifting Earlier

To open up a gap at any point in the schedule, navigate to the date to become empty, and select the menu option bump schedule earlier from this date.  This will push the incomplete schedule backward from the selected date only.

Note that in either case, the bumping behaves according to the bumping criteria.  If your bump does not carry forward as far as you expect, your lesson schedules likely do not match.

Happy Planning...

2 responses
I'm having difficulty with this function. When I select "bump schedule earlier from the end of the period", nothing moves. Can you suggest anything to try?
What that means is there was a reason the bumping stopped - a gap in the series or a lesson with a different bump schedule. If you go to the end, and do a normal bump earlier, you will see what is happening.