Changing included Credits in a Transcript

After adding a period to a transcript, you may want to remove a credit entirely from your transcript, or replace a course credit with a subject credit.

In either case, press the Select Credits button for the period.

This will display the Select Credits Dialog:

From here you can select which credits are included in the transcript.  For example you can:

  • Remove a credit by deselecting it
  • Force a course without enough hours to qualify as a credit, in the case that not all of the hours were captured in Scholaric
  • Chose a subject credit to replace a course credit, for the case when multiple courses are used

In this example, we have two courses, Great Books and Modern Fiction, which together add up to half a credit, but separately do not. 

I'll select the Reading subject, rather than it's course credits.

When finished press the Save button.  Now the half-credit appears

Note that in this case, no scores were provided, so no grade is calculated.  The user can then edit the credit grade to complete the credit.