Easier Lesson Sequences

Lesson sequences just got a bit easier.

There are two new changes designed to make entering a sequence easier.

First, when entering a curly-brace range, you don't have to mark the lesson as repeating.  Scholaric detects the curly braces, and assumes it is repeating, and marks it for you.

Second, there is a new option to end repetition at the sequence.  When automatically marking the sequence as repeating, as above, Scholaric will default to this selection.  This option is available because when a sequence is specified, it has a natural ending, and the number of lessons need not be specified.

To see it all in action, first flip to the repetition tab, and then type your description in:

Then, the only thing left is to select the repetition days.  If you set your default schedule for this course, even this lesson could be skipped.

Happy planning