Editing A Report Card

The report card page has an edit button to modify it's settings:

Clicking the edit button shows the settings for each subject and course:

In this mode, you can:

  • Change the grading formula
  • Edit weights (if a group-weighted grading formula)
  • Change the grading scale
  • Override the dates used to calculate the grade

Changing the Grading Formula

To change the grading formula of a grade, click on the Change button next to the grading formula:

This displays the grading formula dialog:

Here, you can modify the grading formula by selecting a new one and hitting the Update button.

Editing Weights

To modify the weights used to calculate a given grade, click on the Edit Weights button next to the Change button. Note: this button only appears when the grading formula is group-weighted.

This displays the weights editor:
Where you can modify the weights for lesson-types for that grade.  Note: this dialog appears automatically when a grade is first changed to group-weighted.

Changing the Grading Scale

To modify the grading scale used for a given grade, click on the Change button next to the grading scale:

This displays the grading scale dialog:

Change grading scales by selecting a new grading scale and clicking the Update button. 

Overriding the Grading Dates

You can override the start and end dates used to calculate a grade, instead of using the period default. Do this by clicking the Change button next to the grade dates:

This displays the override dates dialog:

Where you can select a new start date, end date, or both, and hit the Update button.  You can remove the override by hitting the Revert button that appears when dates are overridden.

Finally, when you are finished, you can use the Done button (top-right) to exit editing mode.

Happy Planning