Embedding YouTube Videos in Printout Page

Scholaric supports embedding youtube videos in your printout page.  By embedding a YouTube video, I mean that the video itself...

...rather than a link...

...appears in the page when displayed on screen (not in a printout). This keeps the student on Scholaric's site, and not on YouTube, which can be a distraction, with all its related video suggestions. 

To embed a YouTube video, first visit a YouTube video page, such as this math video 

Next, click the share link below the video.

Copy the displayed a share link (not the embed link)...

...and paste this link inside a lesson.  The share link is a slightly shorter URL.

And there you have it.

Happy Planning

4 responses
Wow, I never thought of embedding or linking video, so now I have all kinds of ideas floating through my head of how we can use this feature. Thank you! :)
Cool, I'd love to hear about it when you do them
That is so awesome! My daughter is getting a laptop for Christmas and now she can just read her lesson ms off the website instead of me printing them out then see the embedded videos as well
Glad you like it!