Generate Multiple Lessons Per Day

Unlike Grouping Sequences, where multiple lessons, or pages, or chapters, get grouped into a single lesson, you may want multiple individual lessons in a single day.  This would be desired, for example, to assign several lessons in a single day, but have individual scores and times on each lesson. 

Grouping Sequences has a special syntax to allow the day's group to have individual lessons.

Lesson {1-55**2} 

will produce two individual lessons per day.  Note the second asterisk.

Lesson 1
Lesson 2

Lesson 3
Lesson 4

Lesson 5
Lesson 6

Where the group sequence

Lessons {1-55*2} 

produces one lesson covering two per day.

Lessons 1-2

Lessons 3-4

Lessons 4-5

Happy Planning...

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How do I create a sequence that involves two variables and generate two lessons per day. For instance, I am trying to schedule two Fix-It Grammar lessons per day for the program which is organized by Weeks and Days. I tried using " Week {1-33} Day {1-4**2}" and "Week {1-33**2} Day {1-4}", but neither works. I also tried using the "/2" but didn't work either. Any ideas?
My answer would have been Week {1-33} Day {1-4**2} so I guess that doesn't work
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