Grading Scales

Grading Scales are used to convert a raw percentage score, such as 83.4% into a letter grade, such as B on a report card.  

Grading scales are also used to derive a number of grade points on a transcript (yet to be released).  Your grading scales can be seen by clicking on the Grading Scales tab on the dashboard:

This tab allows you to see and edit your grading scales.  When visiting it you should first see a scale automatically created for you:

This scale is a standard 10 point scale.  It indicates the various grade levels, such as an A being >= 90.0 and 4 grade points, a B being >= 80.0 and 3 grade points, and so on.  The final level, shows <= 60.0, and naturally goes down to zero, and is worth 0 grade points.

You can change it by clicking the various parts of the scale, including the scale name, the level names, the level ranges, and the level grade points.  Click, type and submit inline.  

Note that when you edit a range, you cannot move one outside the range of the level above or below it. In the above example, I could not edit the C range, and make its limit >= 85.0 without first modifying the B range higher than that.

To add a level, click on the "Add level" button and plus icons are shown between levels:

You must then decide where to insert the  new level, but clicking on the appropriate icon, and then editing the default level information.  If you change your mind, and decide to not add a level, click on the icon again to remove those icons.

To remove a level click on the "Remove level" button, and X icons will appear next to levels:

Select the appropriate level to delete by clicking on the X next to that level.  Again, clicking on the "Delete level" button a second time will undo the operation.

The yellow star indicates a default scale.  Unfilled stars indicate other, non-default scales.  Change your default scale by clicking on an unfilled star to make that scale the default one.  

Your most common scale should be the default scale.  This scale will be automatically chosen for grading purposes, unless you take action to assign a different scale.  Changes to the default scale take effect to all report cards, past and future.

Other scales may be used due to advanced courses, or other circumstances that dictate an alternate grade range, or grade-point assignment.  For example, an advanced course may use the same point ranges, but higher grade points.

To create a new scale, click on the "Add a scale" button, and you will then be able to rename it, and edit its levels.

Using Grading Scales in Report Cards

Again, by default, all grades calculated for all report cards will use your selected default scale.  The calculated grade can be seen in the report card.  If alternate scales are created, you will want to assign them to specific course or subject grades.  This is done by selecting a different scale using the grade menu on the report card:

Note, this menu option only shows up when you have multiple grading scales.  This selection is for a specific student, for the subject or course of the report card, for the report card period.

To view your current scale selections, select the grade menu option "show grading scales" and all the scale selections for the report card will be displayed.

Happy Planning!