How to create links in printouts

Scholaric searches through the text lesson printouts and looks for URLs - uniform resource locators, in your lesson text and turns them into clickable HTML hyperlinks, or "hot" links.

Scholaric finds two forms of URLs: 

  • a full URL, beginning with the protocol, such as
  • an abbreviated URL, beginning with www.  Scholaric will insert a http:// before the url for you.

I've also tested (successfully) with complex URLs, such as this example from wikipedia - 

  • foo://

Happy Planning

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Oh, how I LOVE a good planner! Thank you for your quality products! I’d love to introduce them the group I founded on Facebook! I am wondering if you would consider donating a gift certificate for your online homeschool planner for my Facebook group, "Schoolin' Swag". We are nearly 3,500 in membership now, and I am planning a "Planner Palooza" giveaway on August 1st. Typically, I draw winners via, and then send the donor the contact information for the winner. In the past we've had prizes from The Home Scholar, My Homeschool Transcripts, Reading Eggs, Educents, Little Passports, Spelling City, Carschooling, Kid Quest Science Adventures, All About Learning Press, Easy Grammar, CurrClick, Math Mammoth, and Time 4 Learning and more! Please let me know, at your convenience. Thanks for your consideration! Diane Heeney
Absolutely, please email me and we can discuss details jeff
What email address do I use, please? Or do I just reply to the email notification I received from the blog?
The welcome email from me when you signed up for Scholaric. You DID sign up, didn't you ;)
Why yes...yes I did...just now. lol Sorry...I just ran a big giveaway this morning and I'm up to my eyeballs in correspondence in both directions! :)