How to Vary a Series' Bumping Schedule from Creation Schedule

One problem solved by Scholaric is the "Friday Test" problem.  Say you want to create a series Monday-Thursday, and create tests on Friday.  You could create two series, but (in the past), you would have bumping issues, as they would bump independently.

Today, you can specify separately the creation and bumping schedule of a series.  

To do this, when creating a series, click on the Schedule tab, and check the Vary Repeat from Bump Schedule checkbox:

This makes the Repetition Schedule checkboxes appear.  

Now you can specify, for example, Monday-Thursday for the repetition schedule, and Monday-Friday for the bump schedule.

And you can overlay a second series with Friday only as the repetition schedule and Monday-Friday for the bump schedule.  This way, should one of these be bumped, both series will bump together.

Happy Planning