Improved: Course Ordering

Scholaric users have long been able to reorder their courses, through the move/up move/down menu options.  This worked, but had serious limitations. I'm happy to announce a few important improvements.

Drag and Drop Courses

First, you can now drag courses to reorder them.  This has been requested by several users, and I've taken a new look at it.  You can now drag a course up and down.  Like dragging courses, the drop targets turn red, and the hovered target changes as well.

Many programs suffer from inconsistent implementations of dragging to reorder content, and it is not clear how to drag to both the beginning, the end, whether to drag between the existing items, or on top.  Scholaric tries hard to make this the most natural implementation possible:

When you drop a course above the original, it goes before the drop target.

When you drop a course below the original, it goes after the drop target.

When you drop a course on the original, there is no change.

Move Any Course

Next, you can reorder, by drag and drop, or by the move menu, any course in the student's planning grid.  Previously, a course could only be moved if it were added for the student, and visible.  This caused customers a great deal of confusion.  Now, the capabilities are the same for all courses you see.

Order Preservation when Hiding

The third improvement is that when you hide courses, they retain their position in the course list.  As the years go on, and our course list changes, we can hide our old courses, but still go back in time to see them in their original order.  Previously, when courses were hidden, they were pushed to the bottom of the list.

Better Rendering

Finally, hidden courses caused a flash when drawing the grid.  They were drawn and quickly erased.  This was a less than ideal experience, in that it looks bad, but also it makes things take longer.  I'm glad this is fixed and I look forward to improving even more in the future

Happy Planning