Improved: How to Edit a Goal's Scope

I have just made a small change which I hope makes a big difference in helping customers understand the entering of goal scopes.

First the basics - the scope is what subjects and courses a goal is tracking.  Lessons from these subjects and courses are included in the calculation.

If no subjects or courses are specified, the scope includes all lessons.

The goal states what it is tracking in its goal box:

When you want to restrict a goal to specific subjects or courses, click on the tracking declaration to see the scope dialog:

The dialog allows you to enter specific subjects or courses for the goal's scope.  Typically, you will want to use subjects only.  Type the subject name (using autocomplete) and hit the Add button to add it.  You will see the current scope appear.

To reduce the scope, hit the delete icon.  When you are finished, close the dialog with the Done button.

Previously, the Done button said OK, and the Add button did not exist (you were expected to hit enter to submit it).  I hope this eliminates the confusion.

Happy Planning
3 responses
Thank you for this! I need to know how many "core" hours we have each year & this makes it so easy! Any thoughts on letting us print this information as a report? The print screen I tried didn't come out well.
Thanks again!
Is there a way to hide the prior years subjects tracked? For instance, for the 2019-20 year my son completed Algebra 1, which I tracked in goals to ensure he had 120 hours. This year, 2020-21, he's taking Geometry, which I also need to track to ensure he has 120 hours. I don't want to delete the Algebra tracking from last year, but I don't want it to show on the goals report for this year. How do I hide the algebra tracking?
Select hide on the menu of course you want to hide on the planning grid.