Price Increase Delayed For Some Users

As announced earlier this year, the Scholaric price change started to impact existing grandfathered users in May, after a one-year grace period.

Some of you have, when the time came, agreed to renew your subscription at the higher price, and I am grateful for it.  These users were prompted to subscribe to the higher charge and agreed to it using Amazon Payments.

This was supposed to do two things - (1) start to charge these users the higher amount on their next payment and (2) mark their account as being on a "new" plan.

Unfortunately, due to a bug in the handling of the new payment plan, some of these accounts still show the "old" plan (see the above link for a screen shot of what this looks like) and are still being charged the old amount.  Other than notifying these users, I am taking no action due to the bug.  So in effect this bug is extending the duration on the "old" plan even longer for some users.  Note this bug is now fixed, so future updates will work properly. 

I am writing this post, and emailing those whom I believe are impacted by this issue and writing this post explaining the issue because of two problems this is or can cause:

  • When you do renew your payment authorization the next time, you may think, "Is Scholaric raising prices again?".  It's not, just the same price increase.
  • If you authorized a higher amount, and then get charged the lower amount, you may think "Will I be charged for both amounts?"  You won't, Scholaric only allows one authorization per account.

I hope this explains my error, and your gain.  Sorry for the hassle.

Happy Planning