Released: Private Subjects

I have released the latest version of Scholaric, with an update to Subjects.

Subjects just weren't right in Scholaric.  There has always been on list of subjects, common to all users.  When you added a course, helping you with the autocomplete matched all subjects, not just yours.  This made me cringe, because a list like this would pop up:

This caused more problems than it solved, especially as the number of subjects grew, and we would see several misspellings, and capitalization schemes of the same subject.

The next problem came when users asked "Can I change a course's subject?"  I had to point them to a video of how to do it.  It took too many steps, and it could go wrong if you had multiple students using that course.

The matching of courses was not helpful either.  Scholaric has grown to the point that there are simply too many matches.

Released today are the following changes:

Private Subjects

You have your own list of subjects.  You can rename them, and even delete them (if they have no courses assigned to them).  Any existing subjects you have referenced have been automatically copied into your private subject list.

Subjects Tab on the Dashboard

To help manage your subject list, there is a subjects tab on the dashboard.  The list applies to all students, so it is found in the dashboard, rather than the planning grid.

Edit a Subject Name in the Planning Grid

The subject name is also editable in the planning grid.  Just click on the name and edit.

Menu Item: Change a Course's Subject

Sometimes, instead of renaming a subject, you can also change a single course's subject to another one.  There is a menu item for that in the course menu.

Note there is also to change a course's subject to a new subject, which can then be renamed.

Happy Planning!