Reminder Pricing Change Goes Into Effect Next Week

A year ago, I announced a price increase for Scholaric, the effects of which were deferred for existing users.  To find out if you are impacted, or are already paying the higher amount, check you payment plan in the payments tab on the Scholaric Dashboard:

Any plan that starts with Old like Old Standard is subject to the change.

That time has come.  May 1st it goes into effect, but only when you renew your payment.  This is because you are protected from being charged a different amount than you agreed to under the subscription model I have chosen.  So the next time you add or remove a student, or have to change your card, payment renewal will be with the new amount.

So, if you need to add or drop students, do it now, and reauthorize payment before May 1st!

Happy Planning...

5 responses
If we "drop" a student now, wouldn't that prevent us from finishing out the school year? I am not homeschooling one of my boys next year, but we won't be done with this year until June. Does the change just apply to the next school term?
No, that would delete the student right now.
If I'm understanding this correctly, because I am under the "old payment" plan and the card I'm using expires in 2015, that is when the payment increase will affect me? I just want to be sure I understand this. I love this service. It has helped me immensely in our homeschooling!
Yes - then, or when you are a victim of another fraud like the Target thing, or add or remove a student...
Well, let's hope Target has everything locked down. :-) Thank - you!