Scholaric Infrastructure Upgrade

I am planning on a major infrastructure upgrade - the planned date is Saturday, November 23rd at 9:30 PM Central Time.

Due to the complexity of this upgrade, Scholaric will be offline for at least an hour.

I will be backing up the database and restoring it to a new one, doing configuration changes, rolling out new code, and pointing the domain names (DNS) to the new servers.  Good times.

Please be aware that the DNS changes can take hours to roll out.  During this time, the old Scholaric will produce a maintenance message, even while the new one is up - so it's possible for your browser to be pointing to the maintenance-mode Scholaric even while the new one is available.

New with this upgrade - the leading www. in the URL will now be required.  If you drop the www, it will redirect for you (that is, if I configure it correctly :).

When complete, a new, faster Scholaric will be in place, and it will be time to start improving the service again.

Happy Planning