Scholaric Pricing Change

I have announced a price change to Scholaric.  

This has come after great thought, anguish, and discussion, because the current pricing scheme wasn't working.  Costs have gone up for Scholaric, and in some cases, by a great amount.  Also, I believe by charging somewhat more, it brings in the date at which I can work on Scholaric full time.

Prices are now starting at $3 per user, instead of the original $1 per user.  The maximum charge is now $7 per user.  Effectively, everyone will pay $2 more per month.

These changes are effective immediately for new users.  As a thank you to existing users, your current plan stays in effect until May 2014 (a year), and then, only effects you when you renew your subscription.

So you may keep the current plan and pricing, potentially for years.  

Thanks for your loyalty, and please keep spreading the word!

Happy Planning