Student Logon Accounts

Parents can give their students Logon access to Scholaric, through the account link on the dashboard:

The account link takes you to the student account page, which allows you to control logon access to Scholaric for your student, set and change their password, and decide what they are able to do in Scholaric.

The student account does NOT require an email address.  If one is provided, the student can use it to reset their password.  Otherwise, the parent will have to reset their password on the student account page.

Student Authorizations:

At the bottom of the account page, the parent must decide what authorization level to give the student.  There are several levels to choose from, depending on what the parent wants the student to be able to do.

Track Work:   At the most basic level, the student can track their work as completed, but it does not modify the complete state of the lesson in the parent's account.  Lessons marked as "student complete" will show up as green.  The additional color allows the parent to know the student's progress during the day.

Mark Complete:  Designed for students with a higher degree of trust, the mark complete level allows students to mark lessons as complete in both their account and the parent's account, but not to enter a grade.  Note that these lessons will appear black, just as though the parent marked the lesson as complete. This level may be considered also for homeschools who do not track scores.

Enter Grades: Designed for the student who grades their own work, this authorization level allows the student to enter scores as well.  The parent will be able to view the scores and modify them.

Edit Lessons: Designed for the student who works more independently, this level also allows students to modify the lesson text. 

Create, delete and move lessons: For those with complete trust, the student can be allowed even to create, delete, and modify lessons.  Use with caution.

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Thanks, Jeff, for this new feature! Is there some way I can pull up just that days lesson for my son to view, instead of the entire week being on the screen, similar to what the print-out version looks like? Or even highlight that day's worth of lessons, so he's less likely to keep from accidentally doing the next day's lesson or whatnot?
Just point him to the printout page then, and set his account to daily prinouts
Thanks for your quick response :) ~ he was disappointed though that he could not check-off the white box as he completed his lessons. Is this possible? We are viewing the screen on an iPad, so maybe that's why...
No, that screen has no interaction right now. Agree this would be useful
We'll patiently await that improvement :) I know you get a lot of good suggestions and appreciate that you are an active developer - I've been meaning to ask if there is somewhere on the web that you might appreciate our family leaving a review of Scholaric?
Thanks Kendra If you belong to a forum, that is a great place to mention Scholaric. Otherwise, your blog, if you have one, and on social media. For a general review site, I never thought of this until now, you can try jeff
I am having trouble setting up access for my student to log in to Scholaric. I have entered her username, email, and password, but keep getting an error message when trying to log in using this info. Am I doing something wrong?
Make sure the user name you enter matches the one on the student account screen. If so, let me know your username and I'll try.
I just tried what you suggested, and I'm still getting the "We're sorry, but something went wrong" message.
Thanks for your offer to help. Could I provide the user name in a private message?
Yes, please email me by replying to the welcome email.
Should be fixed now. Thanks
Excellent! Thanks so much! *Tiffany Janney Arnold* *Executive Director* *Youth Symphony Orchestras of East Central Indiana* * *
Is there an app for this which would allow my kids can pull up to check off when their work is done?
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