Quick Complete for Lessons

Released today, a change in lesson quick complete.

As mentioned here, you can quickly mark a lesson as complete by holding the alt key while clicking the lesson.

Today, I have updated Scholaric so that the time field is no longer required for quick complete.  

This was originally in place to protect users from completing a lesson which was not yet (in my mind) able to be completed.  However, our user base has expanded such, many Scholaric users do not track time.

This came at the request of a user.  You asked, Scholaric delivered.

Happy Planning
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Thank you, thank you!!!
Thank you.

I love the sharing aspect of planning. Is there a way to mark the assignment complete under one student and have it automatically mark complete under the shared student? We do many non core subjects as a group and it would be great to be able to mark complete in just one spot rather than going under each student.
You can only do this at the time of creation - if you create it as complete, it will set both lessons as complete.
For some reason I can't make this work on my Mac. Seems like it used to work, but I took a break from online planning....now I'm back to "completing" the old way. Help! (Please :) )
Mary, I just tried on a Mac, and still works - holding down the alt/option key, and clicking on a lesson marks it as complete. Can you try again? Also, try clearing your browser's cache.